Welcome to the orchard…

I love a little bit of everything from Food to Fitness, Health to DIY
I try to focus on real food and honestly it’s really a journey.
Food is a journey, there are difficult paths to follow and easy roads ahead, but if we keep at it, the end results can be amazing.
Currently, I’m training for a half marathon, but that is but one step in my grand scheme of things.
I want to be active, I want to be the 90 year old grandma skiing down the hill someday, out enjoying life until the very end.
It’s all connected, DIY (making your own products), healing your bodies through exercise and nutrition,
you just have to discover your path, but come along for the ride while I tell you about mine.


  1. Nancy
    October 5, 2013

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    I would dry EVERY FRUIT I can find. My hubby & I are on disability & could never afford a dehydrator. We LIVE fruit but sometimes it’s expensive or terrible when out of season. I stock up in season a freeze those you can freeze (grapes, strawberries etc.). I would dehydrate in season to use all year !!

    • Raj - www.ThePrimalDesire.com
      October 17, 2014

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      Have you thought about looking for a used one? It’s one of those things that people think they’re gonna use a ton but end up selling when they realize it’s just collecting dust.

  2. Sammi
    November 24, 2014

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    Collect dust? There are soooo many things you can use your dehydrator for. My Excalibur goes nearly daily all year round. Besides the obvious of drying fruit, I dry tomatoes, peppers, summer squash, make yogurt, rise bread, dry fish, make jerky, dry carrots, dry the almond meal from making almond milk, then grinding it into almond flour (I’m allergic to gluten), dry egg shells to grind up for the garden, make fruit leather, make ‘raw’ crackers. I’ve probably forgotten some. My Excalibur has paid for itself many times over. Oh, and I dry soup mix ingredients of okra, tomato, onion and carrots to just throw into broth to make soup. I also dry garlic and onions until crisp and grind up to make my own garlic and onion powders. I bought mine off ebay for about 2/3 of what it costs from their site – though as they come out with new models, they reduce the price of their older models. I’ve had mine 17 years, and it still works like new. Being on SS we live very frugally and spend our money only on what counts.

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